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Medicolegal Monitor 1st Quarter 2020

Included Articles

  • A Word from the Practice Chair

  • PREP Act Immunity for COVID-19 Activities

  • Supreme Court of Missouri Overturns a Negligent Credentialing Claim

  • 1st Dist. Holds Experts Redesignated are Entitled to Consultant’s Privilege Against Disclosure

Medicolegal Monitor 3rd Quarter 2018

Included Articles

  • Hansen Chairs IADC Medical Defense and Health Law Committee

  • Certain Patient Records Deemed Privileged under Patient Safety Act by First District

  • Missouri v. Illinois: Different Standards for Admissibility of Experts and What You Need to Know

  • New Managing Partner

Medicolegal Monitor 2nd Quarter 2018

Included Articles

  • Don’t Quote Me, but...

  • EMR Metadata – Friend or Foe?

Medicolegal Monitor 1st Quarter 2018

Included Articles

  • Illinois Supreme Court Holds Hospital Not Liable Under the Doctrine of Apparent Agency

  • 2nd Dist. Issues Opinion Limiting Expert Testimony Regarding Proximate Cause

Medicolegal Monitor 4th Quarter 2017

Included Articles

  • App. Court Addresses Ex Parte Communications Between Hospital Counsel and Formerly Employed Nurse

  • Special Interrogatories: Be Careful What You Ask For

Medicolegal Monitor 3rd Quarter 2017

Included Articles

  • Recent Trends in Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Actions

  • The Illinois Medical Studies Act Privilege After Grosshuesch and Eid

Medicolegal Monitor 2nd Quarter 2017

Included Articles

  • Is Every Party Entitled to be Represented by the Lawyer of its Choice? Gapinski v. Gujrati

  • Pro se Complaints For Wrongful Death or Survival Damages: Void or Amendable?

Medicolegal Monitor 1st Quarter 2017

Included Articles

  • A Lawyer’s Consideration of Qualities Patients Expect from Their Physicians

  • Illinois Supreme Court Decision Regarding Not-for-Profit Hospitals: Carle v. Cunningham Township

Medicolegal Monitor 4th Quarter 2016

Included Articles

  • Informed Consent for Surgery: Does a Surgeon’s Experience Level Matter?

  • Federal Judge Blocks Rule That Would Ban Arbitration in Nursing Home Disputes

Medicolegal Monitor 3rd Quarter 2016

Included Articles

  • Like Elvis, Has Apparent Agency Left the Building?

  • Hospital Sepsis Protocols

  • Firm Obtains Two Med Mal Defense Verdicts in One Week

  • Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Statute of Repose Case

Medicolegal Monitor 2nd Quarter 2016

Included Articles

  • Consent Forms & the Non-English Speaking Patient: Court Rules for Hospitals and Others in Healthcare

  • IL Supreme Court Outlines Doctor’s Remedies Against Hospital for Termination of Practice Privileges

Medicolegal Monitor 1st Quarter 2016

Included Articles

  • App. Court Decision Discusses Issues of Apparent Agency and Admissibility of Practice Algorithms

  • IL Supreme Court Limits Claims of Privilege in Neglect Credentialing Cases

Medicolegal Monitor 4th Quarter 2015

Included Articles

  • An Overview of the Affordable Care Act’s Potential to Mitigate Future Damage Claims

  • Payment of Medicare Liens After the Settlement of a Wrongful Death Action

  • Stuart and Monfort Honored with Trial Lawyer Excellence Award

Medicolegal Monitor 3rd Quarter 2015

Included Articles

  • Signed “Consent for Treatment” Forms Successful in Defense of Hospital Vicarious Liability Claims

  • IL Court Extends Affidavit and Health-Professional’s Report Requirements to Medical Battery Claims

Medicolegal Monitor 2nd Quarter 2015

Included Articles

  • Appellate Court Reminds Physicians to Supplement Deposition Testimony with Any New Opinions

  • Illinois Supreme Court Rules Against ER Physicians in Interpretation of Good Samaritan Act

Medicolegal Monitor 1st Quarter 2015

Included Articles

  • Civil Juries Shrink in 2015

  • Illinois Appellate Court Allows Recovery of Extraordinary Expenses in Wrongful Pregnancy Action

Medicolegal Monitor Summer 2014

Included Articles

  • Cameras Coming to a Courtroom Near You: What Are the Rules and What Impact Might They Have

  • Court Dismisses Physician Lawsuit Seeking Information by Hospital in Assessing Potential Employment

Medicolegal Monitor Fall 2012

Included Articles

  • New Supreme Court Rule Allows Jurors to Submit Written Questions

  • Appellate Court Clarifies Physician-Patient Relationship In Medical Malpractice Cases

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