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“IDC Deposition Academy,” NIU Conference Center, Naperville, Illinois (2023)

“We Are Settled, Right? Settling Claims of Minors, Disabled Persons, and the Deceased,” Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel (2020)

“Liability - Weird & Unusual Cases,” Greater Peoria Claims Association (2019)

“Civil Rights Litigation Under Section 1983,” Heyl Royster’s Annual Governmental Holiday Seminar (2018)

“Drones and Insurance,” CorVel U Fall Seminar (2018)

“Advancing Your Case in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois & Practice Pointers: Section 1983 Law,” The Federal Bar Association’s Central District of Illinois Chapter Seminar (2018)

“Tort Immunity & Civil Rights Update,” Heyl Royster’s 33rd Annual Claims Handling Seminar (2018)

“Tortious & Intentional Interference with Business Relations ‘More than Defamation,’” Heyl Royster “Avoiding Litigation Part Deux” Seminar (2018)

“Commercial Drones: Flying into Litigation Turbulence,” Defense Research Institute’s Business Litigation Seminar (2017)

“Can I Park My Drone Here? How the FAA’s New Drone Regulations Affect Your District,” Illinois Association of Park Districts Legal Symposium (2016)

“Legal Aspects of Drones: Where We Are & Where We Are Heading,” Greater Peoria Claims Association's Annual Vendor Fair & Educational Seminar (2016)

“Unboxing Case Law: An Insurance Law Update,” Heyl Royster's 31st Annual Claims Handling Seminar (2016)

“Preserving Electronic Information: Protect your business in the event of a lawsuit or the threat of a lawsuit.” Heyl Royster “Avoiding Litigation” Seminar, Peoria (2016)

“The Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act,” Peoria County Bar Association Civil Practice Seminar (2016)

“All I Want for the Holidays Is a Drone: Permitted Uses Today and What to Expect Tomorrow,” Heyl Royster Governmental Lunch & Learn Seminar, Peoria, IL (2015)

“Malicious Prosecution Claims: Recent Developments as to When Coverage is Triggered,” Heyl Royster 30th Annual Claims Handling Seminar (2015)

“Body Cameras: All That Is Seen & Unseen,” Heyl Royster 30th Annual Claims Handling Seminar (2015)

“Medical Cannabis: A Primer For Employers and Governmental Entities,” Heyl Royster Lunch & Learn Seminar/Webinar (2014)

“The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Accommodations Basics,” Heyl Royster Quarterly Business & Commercial Litigation Seminar (2013)

“Governmental Liability and Immunities,”  ILSAAP Conference for Newly Elected State’s Attorneys (2013)

“The Personnel Records Review Act: Your Obligations Under Illinois Law,” Heyl Royster Quarterly Business & Commercial Litigation Seminar (2011)

“Liquor Liability: Social Hosts & Other Issues,” Heyl Royster's 26th Annual Claims Handling Seminar (2011)

“Employer Provided Technology: Potential Liability,” Heyl Royster Quarterly Business & Commercial Litigation Seminar (2011)


Strip Search of a Muslim State Prison Inmate in View of a Transgender Male Prison Guard Violated the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act,” Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2023)

“Notice of Cooperation,” chapter in Commercial and Professional Liability Insurance, Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education (2023)

The Element of Proximate Cause in a Personal Injury Lawsuit: Analysis, Complicating Factors, and Changing Jury Instructions,” Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly Monograph (2022)

The Naming of “John Doe” Defendants Is Not a ‘Mistake’ Triggering the Relation-Back Doctrine,” Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2021)

Supreme Court Confirms Dismissal for Failure to State a Claim Without Prejudice is a ‘Strike’ Under the PLRA’s Three-Strikes Rule,” Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2020)

Appellate Court Provides a Primer on Supplementary Proceedings Against Third Parties,” IDC Defense Update (2020)

Electronic Discovery in Illinois Five Years After the 2014 Amendments to the Illinois Rules of Civil Procedure,” Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly Monograph (2019)

Lewis v. City of Chicago:” False Evidence and the Fourth Amendment,” Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2019)

A Fatal Fall in Jail Custody Was Not the Result of Deliberate Indifference,” Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2018)

Plaintiffs’ Section 1983 Right to Poll the Jury: Recent Seventh Circuit Jurisprudence,” Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2017)

It Means What it Says: The Proper Definition of Willful and Wanton Misconduct under the Tort Immunity Act,” Civil Practice & Procedure IDC Defense Update (2017)

Consciously Guard Against Unconscious Bias In The Workplace,” InterBusiness Issues (2017)

Animal Abuse Case Provides Reminder as to the Low Federal Pleading Standard,” Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2016)

Is This Really Happening? The Emerging Use of Drones for Commercial Purposes,” Skywritings, The Newsletter of the Aviation Law Committee of the Defense Research Institute (2016)

"Botched Investigation or Cover-Up? Either Way, It May Not Be a Constitutional Violation," Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2015)

"Attack of the Drones: Small Unmanned Aircraft Claims Are on Their Way," Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2015)

"The Seventh Circuit's Footnotes Question the Failure to Raise Available Immunities," Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2014)

"Accrual of Deliberate Indifference Claims Premised on Medical Treatment Errors," Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2013) 

"To Be or Not To Be: A State Entity Intergovernmental Police Task Force Is Entitled to Eleventh Amendment Immunity," Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2012)

"Mental Illness, Extreme Danger Creation, and the Denial of Qualified Immunity," Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2012)

"Prosecutor's Office Not Subject to Section 1983 'Failure to Train' Liability in the Absence of a Demonstrated Pattern of Similar Brady Violations," Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2012)

"No Matter How Egregious, Bad Acts Do Not Spawn Section 1983 Liability Unless Performed Under Color of State Law," Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2011)

"Your Qualified Immunity Defense Was Denied at Summary Judgment. Will the Court of Appeals Have Jurisdiction Over Your Interlocutory Appeal?Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2010)

"The Supreme Court Abandons an Inflexible Application of the Saucier Two-Step," Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2009)

"Defending Governmental Entities in Section 1983 Claims," IDC Fall Conference (2009) 

"Do Not Forget About the Law Enforcement Investigatory Privilege," Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2008) 

"Rule 41(a) Voluntary Dismissal in Federal Court Takes Effect Immediately Upon Filing, Not When Docketed," Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2008) 

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