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Client Advisories

Governmental Newsletter Summer 2019

Included Articles

  • Changes Are Coming To the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act

  • Working Without Fear: Orders of Protection Available in the Workplace

  • When Is a Riding Trail Really a Riding Trail? (Updated)

Governmental Newsletter Fall 2017

Included Articles

  • Using Twitter to Explain Your Next Construction Project

  • When is a Riding Trail Really a Riding Trail?

  • State of Unused Land: An Introduction into Acquiring or Re-Acquiring Abandoned Illinois State Land

Governmental Newsletter Fall 2016

Included Articles

  • The New Drone Regulations Are Here! How Do They Affect Municipalities?

  • Administrative Review: A Trap for the Unwary?

  • Court Addresses a Private “Society” Seeking Immunity

Governmental Newsletter August 2015

Included Articles

  • Cyber Liability for the Public Body

  • Budgetary Shortfalls: Can your government entity be liable because of budgetary concerns?

  • Whose Right of Way is it Anyway?

Governmental Newsletter February 2015

Included Articles

  • Public Bodies Prohibited from Requiring Community Members to Disclose Address Before Public Comment

  • Illinois Appellate Court Reminds Businesses of Potential Limitations in Public Contracts

  • Shooting Ranges Permissible Under Definition of Private Recreation in Zoning Code

  • Public Bodies and Union Contracts: Holding Up Your End of the Bargain

  • Conviction Reversed for DUI Offense Outside the Corporate Limits

  • Freedom of Information Act

  • Catastrophic Injury According to the PSEBA

  • New in 2015

  • News & Notes

Governmental Newsletter September 2014

Included Articles

  • Eavesdropping In Illinois: You Can Do What Now?

  • Park District Board Settles Open Meetings Act Lawsuit

  • The Cost-Only Rule Applies To FOIA Fees For Property Tax Records

  • Violation Of A Residency Requirement Can Result In Discharge For Public Employees

  • Whistleblower Protection For Public Employees

  • Walking the Line: Tort Immunity And Pedestrians Outside The Crosswalk

  • Why A School's Unconstitutional Hair Length Policy Matters For All Governmental Entities

  • News & Notes

Governmental Newsletter April 2014

Included Articles

  • Municipal Bankruptcy - Can an Illinois Municipality File for Bankruptcy Protection?

  • What New Requirements May Your Public Body Have in 2014 and 2015?

  • FOIA Requires Disclosure of Public Records, Not Information

  • Military Leave Obligations for Public Employers

  • Two Recent Cases Focus on Liability for Bullying in School

Governmental Newsletter January 2014

Included Articles

  • 2013 Legislation Signed Into Law By Governor Quinn

  • Ethical Issues For Government Attorneys

  • Developments in the Prevailing Wage Act

  • FOIA Update: When Texts and Emails on Your Cell Phone or Tablet Become Public Records

  • The Statewide Ban on Cell Phones While Driving: Public Act 98-0506

Governmental Newsletter May 2013

Included Articles

  • Spotlight on OMA, FOIA and Other Legislation

  • The Election Is Over – What Do I Do With My Campaign Funds?

  • An Update on the Illinois Video Gaming Act

Governmental Newsletter February 2013

Included Articles

  • New Laws for the New Year

  • The Cemetery Oversight Act: What You Need to Know at the Local Level

  • Amendment to Prevailing Wage Act

  • Statute Requires Disclosure of Economic Development Terms/Rebate Agreements

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