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Some attorneys have a broad practice and deal with many different concerns, while others have a more narrow scope, developing a deep knowledge of their chosen subject matter. Heyl Royster prioritizes firm-wide collaboration and teamwork, organizing our attorneys by managing their specific skills and specialties, and developing competitive strategies to best serve our clients.


Providing you with the necessary and timely information to navigate the evolving agribusiness industry.

Appellate Advocacy

Offering a skilled team of attorneys dedicated to the specialized nature of the appellate practice.

Business & Commercial Litigation

Focusing on the effective resolution of business disputes.

Business Organizations & Transactions

Specialized experience in problem-resolution services for business and commercial clients.

Casualty & Tort

Heyl Royster is your go-to defense firm for casualty and tort litigation.

Civil Rights & Correctional Healthcare Litigation

Adept at defending governmental entities and their officials when entwined in an intersection with the law.

Class Action & Mass Tort

Relying on a tested team approach, our attorneys become impassioned advocates for our clients.


 When the intricacies of construction-specific laws and regulations matter.

Creditors' Rights & Bankruptcy

Protecting creditors' interests in enforcing secured and unsecured claims.


Providing mission-critical guidance when it matters.

Employment & Labor

Providing clients with the timeliest legal advice on the laws and regulations in the workplace.

Environmental Law

Guiding clients through the legal minefield of environmental regulation.

Estate Planning, Administration & Guardianship

Providing clients with personal and financial security, now and in the future.


Balancing the private sector perspective with the Government's point of view.


Heyl Royster provides timely analysis and effective legal assistance to handle the operational challenges facing today&r...

Insurance Services

A trusted advocate for decades, we continue to offer skillful coverage advice and innovative defense to insurers.

Intellectual Property

Bringing a pragmatic, cost-effective approach to all aspects of intellectual property matters.

Liquor Liability & Dramshop

Protecting the rights of those in the unique legal space of the liquor industry.

Long-term Care & Nursing Homes

With its access to top experts and knowledge of procedural intricacies, we defend long-term care facilities aggressively...

Mediation Services & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Using early evaluation and creative methods, we resolve disputes economically and efficiently.

Medical Malpractice

Heyl Royster's long history in defense of medical malpractice claims has permitted us to develop a cadre of pre...

Military Law

Providing fee-based representation, extensive experience, and success in defending military clients.

Not-for-Profit Organizations and Religious & Clergy

Offering expert advice and action when necessary to preserve your organization's reputation.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

When the reputation and ingenuity of your business are at issue, we know how to protect and promote your vital interests...

Product Liability

Presenting a clear, reasoned, and understandable presentation of complex issues to level the playing field.

Professional Liability

Protecting your name and reputation from the multitude of claims faced by today's professionals.

Professional Regulation & Licensure

Providing experienced counsel that recognizes and protects your most valuable asset, your license to practice.  

Qui Tam

Providing extensive knowledge and experience of statutes and regulations and how government agencies enforce them.

Railroad Litigation

Well-positioned to quickly respond to the critical needs and unique matters of the rail industry. 

Real Estate

Providing consulting services to assist with all your real estate legal needs.

Toxic Torts & Asbestos

Heyl Royster law firm creates effective defense strategies to assist our clients in navigating through mass tort litigat...


Offering immediate and critical response paired with extensive experience and industry focus.

Workers' Compensation

Tackling the increasingly complex legal and economic issues of workers' compensation.
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