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The need for knowledgeable and experienced False Claims Act (FCA) defense attorneys has never been greater. In the fiscal year 2021, the Department of Justice reported more than $5.6 billion in settlements and judgments from civil cases involving fraud and false claims. Of the more than $5.6 billion in settlements and judgments, over $5 billion is related to alleged Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE fraud involving the healthcare industry. With 2021 serving as the second largest amount of recovery ever recorded by the federal government, the Department has identified the FCA and associated qui tam lawsuits as its primary focus and enforcement tool. 

Defending FCA actions requires unique trial skills, experience communicating and negotiating with government agencies, and detailed knowledge of the client’s business. Additionally, it necessitates knowledge of the substantive requirements imposed by federal and state statutes and associated regulations. No firm may be more uniquely qualified to defend FCA cases than the attorneys at Heyl Royster. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of these statutes and regulations and how government agencies enforce them. From complex pre-suit investigations, government reporting, and mitigating FCA risk to the comprehensive defense of FCA litigation, Heyl Royster provides their clients with inspired and passionate industry-leading representation. Whether consulting with clients and facilitating dialogue with the federal government in potential FCA actions or defending FCA actions through trial, Heyl Royster is a premiere FCA defense firm.  



If you need premier qui tam services from an industry-leading defense law firm, the dedicated legal minds at Heyl Royster are ready to provide you with the legal advice and services that you deserve. Heyl Royster brings a dedicated team with unique trial skills, experience with government agencies, and detailed knowledge of the law to provide you with the expert legal representation your case deserves.

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After engaging federal government officials and responding to civil investigative demands, obtained a notice of declination of intervention in a qui tam lawsuit arising out of alleged hospital upcoding.

Obtained a dismissal of a qui tam lawsuit and retaliatory discharge claim arising out of a hospital allegedly submitting claims for Medicare reimbursement that were not medically necessary.

Prepared and represented physicians for interviews with United States Department of Justice.

Defended retaliatory discharge claim of alleged whistleblower.

Defended hospital against Relator’s claim of inflated billings in violation of False Claims Act.

Counselled hospital regarding handling of physician threatening a False Claims Act case.

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