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Using early evaluation and creative methods, we resolve disputes economically and efficiently.

Heyl Royster attorneys are leaders in arbitration, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution, believing in early evaluation and creative problem-solving methods. The team aims to economically and efficiently resolve disputes at the earliest reasonable opportunity. 



Successful mediation is an art. Reaching a mutually acceptable agreement in a mediation can be very advantageous. The process is confidential, meaning it resolves sensitive matters without publicity. Our clients often recognize the benefits of mediation and find it an effective way to settle disputes economically with the least disruption to their business.

Heyl Royster's attorneys skillfully organize the presentation of our client's case to maximize the opportunity for a favorable outcome. Our firm's reputation in the courtroom and arbitration has positioned us to be strong advocates in mediation. We are well-suited to select appropriate mediators for the issues involved in a particular case. Because of our courtroom successes, opposing counsel is often willing to seek mediation resulting in favorable, cost-effective resolutions for our clients.



Arbitration is either binding or non-binding. The binding arbitration process is much like a bench trial where an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators resolve the dispute requiring careful preparation and a compelling presentation of evidence. 

Non-binding arbitration affords an opportunity for the participants to take a new look at an ongoing dispute. It can follow a normal arbitration process or be abbreviated. However, in conclusion, no binding decision is rendered. Following this process, cases are often resolved through traditional settlement negotiations.



Our skilled team of attorneys believe in early evaluation and creative problem-solving methods in mediation services and alternative dispute resolution. The diverse experience of our attorneys enables us to take a multi-disciplinary approach to resolving your legal disputes. Whether mediation or arbitration, you can trust Heyl Royster to provide you with the expert legal representation your case deserves.

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