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With its access to top experts and knowledge of procedural intricacies, we defend long-term care facilities aggressively.

Long-term care facilities are subject to extensive and complex federal and state regulations. Whether triaging a pre-suit investigation or litigating through a jury trial, the attorneys at Heyl Royster have significant experience defending statutory and regulatory claims brought against these facilities. With its access to top experts and knowledge of the procedural intricacies required under the law, Heyl Royster is uniquely positioned to defend long-term care facilities aggressively.

Our Long-Term Care & Nursing Home Practice Group’s expertise goes beyond litigation. The attorneys at Heyl Royster have experience consulting with our long-term care clients on by-laws, policies and procedures, involuntary discharge proceedings, licensure issues, fraud and abuse claims, and a litany of other administrative matters that arise. We understand the nuances of long-term care defense litigation and how it differs from the defense of medical malpractice cases, especially regarding the applied standards and the unique approach long-term care facility cases require. In the ever-changing world of long-term care litigation, Heyl Royster's professional, responsive legal team makes all the difference.



Heyl Royster's diverse experience in long-term care and nursing homes and skilled team of attorneys understand how to navigate the extensive and complex industry regulations. Heyl Royster is unlike any other litigation defense firm with a team of experienced attorneys and a multi-disciplinary approach to resolving your legal disputes. From pre-suit investigation to litigating a trial, you can trust our attorneys to provide you with the expert legal representation your case deserves.

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