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The Heyl Royster Summer Associate Program is intended primarily for second-year law students, although applications from first-year students are accepted. This program serves as our primary recruiting tool for new attorneys. The goal is for each Summer Associate to have a positive experience and receive an offer for full-time employment with our firm after they pass the bar.

Over 10 to 12 weeks, our Summer Associate Program participants gain legal experience and develop skills across multiple practice areas within the firm. Rather than assigning the participants to specific practice areas, we assign the Summer Associates to work in as many different practice groups as possible. Just as we do in our regular practice, we ensure each Summer Associate Program participant has a chance to work with the attorneys in the office where they may be for the summer but also with the skilled attorneys across our firm.

We provide our Summer Associates with actual work on active files. While there are limits on what our Summer Associates can do without a license, we make sure that each has the opportunity to duplicate the real practice of law with supervision and mentorship from licensed attorneys. As a result, most of our summer Associates return to law school with an enlightened understanding of what is taught in the classroom.

We want each of the participants to get to know us, and we want to get to know them. We work hard but also have a chance for a great deal of social interaction. Our attorneys look forward to the summer months when our Summer Associates are on site, and we are engaged in social and networking opportunities, both within the individual offices and firmwide.

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