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Heyl Royster's Administrative Team works to enhance the firm's ability to run smoothly and serve its clients promptly and professionally through the effective management and organization of day-to-day operations. 


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Sara Heinzmann

Executive Director

Peoria Office

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Nikki Cole

Marketing Director

Peoria Office

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Sue Mowbray

Human Resources Director

Peoria Office

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Chad Parker

IT Director

Peoria Office

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Kim Rutledge

Administrative & Training Director & Office Manager - Champaign & Springfield

Champaign and Springfield Offices

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Heather Young

Finance Director

Peoria Office

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Office Managers

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Dawn Miller

Office Manager - Chicago & Rockford

Chicago & Rockford Offices

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Cassie Ott

Office Manager - Edwardsville & St. Louis

Edwardsville & St. Louis Offices

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Connie Zimmerman

Office Manager - Peoria

Peoria Office

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