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Getting Down to Business Summer 2018

Included Articles

  • More Villainization Of The Trucking Company: What McQueen Means For The Trucking Defense
  • Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t!! The Paradox of Technology and Distracted Driving.
  • Brokers’ Long Road To Avoiding Liability

Getting Down to Business Winter 2018

Included Articles

  • But I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong, It Was My Employee! The Impact of Vicarious Liability on Employers

  • Preparing For E-Discovery 101

  • The Expanded Military Lending Act Regulations

Getting Down to Business Winter 2017

Included Articles

  • Business Succession Planning 101

  • 10 Things Limited Liability Companies Should Know about the New Limited Liability Company Act

  • Workers’ Compensation for Employer-Sponsored Activities

  • The Coming Blockchain Disruption: Trust without the "Middle-man"

Getting Down to Business Summer 2016

Included Articles

  • The Yates Memo: The U.S. Department of Justice Guide to Fighting Corporate Wrongdoing

  • Tax Treatment of Wellness Program Benefits

  • The Billion Dollar Industry in Need of a Bank

Getting Down to Business Spring 2016

Included Articles

  • Zero Tolerance: Employer Liability/Employee Rights Under "The Act"

  • Consideration and Non-Compete Agreements: The State of the Law

  • Seven Things Business Owners Need To Know About Bankruptcy Preferences

  • Raffles: The Difference between Fundraising and Gambling in Illinois

Getting Down to Business Fall 2015

Included Articles

  • A Potential Business Nightmare - The TCPA and Uninvited Facsimiles

  • Cyber Liability: The Risks of Doing Business in a Digital World

  • Supreme Court Confirms Exposure of Self-Critical Documents in Litigation

Getting Down to Business Summer 2015

Included Articles

  • The Importance of Venue in Litigation

  • "I Have to Pay a Volunteer What?" Liability to Volunteers under the Fair Labor Standards Act

  • Consideration Necessary for All Post-Employment Restrictive Covenants

  • Firm Attorneys Edit and Author Illinois Appellate Law Publication

Getting Down to Business Spring 2014

Included Articles

  • Client Success Stories

  • Sender Beware: How Your Emails or Letters may be Ruled a Binding Contract

  • Corporate Documentation for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

  • Sale of Goods - Disclaiming of Warranties and Consequential Damages

Getting Down to Business Fall 2013

Included Articles

  • Back to the Basics: The Statute Of Frauds

  • Fiduciary Obligations Of Employee Benefit Plan Sponsors

  • Illinois Appellate Court Mandates Two-Year Rule For Non-Competition And Non-Solicitation Agreements

Getting Down to Business Summer 2013

Included Articles

  • Contract Considerations Before Sharing Company Information with Third Parties

  • Information Security Controls Help Prevent Breaches

  • Protect Your Business - The Three Component Test for Restrictive Covenants in Employment Contracts

Getting Down to Business Spring 2013

Included Articles

  • You Paid For It, But You Didn’t Buy It: The Question of Website Ownership

  • Website Liability: Content Issues to Address In Order to Protect Your Business

  • Developing a “Best Practices” Record Retention Policy

Getting Down to Business Winter 2013

Included Articles

  • A Brief Introduction To The Illinois Prevailing Wage Act For Private Contractors

  • The Freedom of Information Act: Implications for Contracting with the Government

  • Challenging Commercial Property Tax Assessments

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