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Offering immediate and critical response paired with extensive experience and industry focus.

Companies in the trucking and transportation industries face many challenges running their business due to the vast number of laws and regulations governing their operations. Our extensive trial and appellate court experience along with industry focus provides our trucking clients with the most current industry advice.  

We develop extensive defense strategies, and when today's legal environment demands a prompt and detailed investigation after an accident, our attorneys are available to respond immediately to a location to preserve valuable evidence. We work closely with industry professionals, taking full advantage of their scientific and technical expertise to benefit our clients. Our attorneys can promptly retain highly qualified accident reconstructionists and other necessary experts to assist us in investigating the accident scene and vehicles. 

The attorneys in our Trucking Practice are members of various organizations that support the trucking industry, including the Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA).


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  • Illinois Department of Labor
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  • Illinois Educational Labor Board
  • Illinois Human Rights Commission
  • Illinois Public Labor Board
  • U.S. Department of Labor
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Heyl Royster's critical response, paired with extensive experience and focus in the trucking industry, is unlike any other trucking defense firm. With developed and proven defense strategies, our attorneys work with industry professionals and technical experts to provide our clients with the most current industry advice. 

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Hammond v. System Transport, Inc., 942 F.Supp.2d 867 (C.D. Ill. 2013) – Rural intersection accident involving post-impact fire. Double fatality with admitted liability. Prior to trial, court ruled that evidence of any negligent acts  leading up to the accident were irrelevant. However, the manner of death was within the scope of damages allowable for grief, sorrow and mental suffering under the Illinois Wrongful Death Act. Despite no evidence suggesting either decedent survived the impact, plaintiffs' counsel argued various facts regarding the subsequent fire was relevant.  Despite some of the aggravating evidence associated with the fire post-occurrence, court ruled that it could not exclude all evidence associated with the manner of death or the events surrounding the accident. This was an issue of first impression in Illinois.

Jeramie Morris as special administrator of the Estate of Kimberly Gregorich, deceased and the Estate of John F. Parrett, IV deceased and Elizabeth Johnson, Individually and as special administrator of the Estate of Inara Parrett, deceased v. Nathan E. Merrill and Martin Co. Excavating – Mediation - Truck driver ran stop sign resulting in deaths of 18 month old child, child's father and child's grandmother. The child's mother survived, but suffered various injuries. Retained by insurance carrier to help navigate through potential bad faith issues. Complex pre-suit investigation with numerous issues explored, ultimately resulting in favorable settlement at mediation within our case evaluation.

Eagan v. Murk – Represented a trucker who rear-ended plaintiff who was stopped waiting to make a left turn. Following the accident, plaintiff engaged in extensive pain management treatment (multiple injections, radiofrequency denervation, etc), saw a number of physicians, and sought chiropractic care. At the conclusion of the week-long trial, the plaintiff asked for $560,000, and the jury awarded 94,990.00.

Knight v. Smithway Motor Xpress, Inc., Case No. 08-4046 – Trucking accident litigation involving serious injuries with a complicated recovery. There were multiple parties involved with claims for punitive damages and spoliation of evidence. We represented the bailee of the trailer involved in the accident, a concrete pre-cast manufacturer. It was alleged that the trailer involved had various brake problems arguably contributing to the accident. Complex case with a favorable settlement reached for our client through mediation.

Barrick v. Grimes, 308 Ill. App. 3d 306, 720 N.E.2d 280 (4th Dist. 1999) – Affirming jury verdict for truck driver in vehicular collision lawsuit.

Miller et al. v. Koch, Circuit Court, Madison County, Illinois – Four week trial of multi-party death and serious injury claim.

Jalel Hanafi v. Tri-Hi Transportation, Inc., Circuit Court, McLean County, Case No. 03 L 200 – Jury trial of a trucking accident with chronic pain claims involving testimony from fourteen physicians. Verdict for plaintiff was in line with case evaluation and less than the offer of settlement prior to trial.


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