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Providing mission-critical guidance when it matters.

Heyl Royster's Education Practice serves the counseling and litigation needs of school districts, colleges, and universities throughout the Midwest. Educational institutions confront many legal issues, which can affect the institution's image. The attorneys in our Education Practice think beyond the immediate legal issues to provide clients with mission-critical guidance.



  • Board of Education and Trustee representation
  • School Board guidance, the Open Meeting Act, and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • School District policies, administrative procedures, and disciplinary actions consultation
  • Contract preparation, analysis, and review
  • Labor and Employment advice, collective bargaining, and labor contract negotiations
  • U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Illinois Department of Human Rights
  • U.S. Office for Civil Rights
  • Risk management assessment



We have experience in all areas related to school law and routinely present at educational forums. 



Our Education team has significant experience and involvement in professional associations, including the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA).



Heyl Royster's diverse experience in the educational arena and skilled team of attorneys understand how and when to provide mission-critical guidance. Heyl Royster is unlike any other litigation defense firm with a team of experienced attorneys and a multi-disciplinary approach to resolving your legal disputes. From consolidations and financial matters to contract preparations and policy guidance, you can trust our attorneys to provide you with the expert legal representation your case deserves.

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Doe-2 v. School District – A case alleging that the school district was liable for failing to report a teacher allegedly abusing children and concealing alleged known sexual abuse to another school district that hired the teacher. The federal district court granted our motion to dismiss, and the Seventh Circuit affirmed the dismissal.

Doe v. Board of Trustees of University of Illinois, 429 F. Supp. 2d 930 (N.D. Ill. 2006) – A former student sued the University after he was dismissed from the medical school program. The fifteen-count federal complaint asserted damages in excess of $100 million. Several counts were dismissed at the pleading stage, and the entire lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice before discovery closed.

R. v. School District, High School, and Individual Teacher  Obtained summary judgment for a school district arising out of a near amputation of an 8th grader's hand while in shop class, which was affirmed on appeal, based upon a failure to supervise theory under the Illinois Tort Immunity Act.

G. v. School District  A school student that suffered a seizure while at school that resulted in a near vegetative state sued the school district for failing to seek medical attention timely. We successfully argued on a motion to dismiss that no duty was owed and that even if a duty was owed, the claim was barred by the Tort Immunity Act.

J. v. School District – A school student that was hit in the mouth with a discus thrown by another student sued the school district for failure to supervise. We successfully argued on a motion to dismiss that no duty was owed and that even if a duty was owed, the claim was barred by the Tort Immunity Act.

Represented a school district in a week-long due process hearing. The parent/student alleged the child was denied due process relative to learning and physical disabilities. Our client's school district was cleared of all procedural and substantive due process violation allegations.

In a case against a school district, a student who alleged injury when another student pointed a laser pointer at her eye sued the school district for failure to supervise. The trial court granted dismissal, accepting our argument that no duty was owed.

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