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Are You Prepared for Concealed Carry?

march 3, 2014

At a press conference on Friday, Illinois State Police Colonel Marc Maton announced that 5,000 Concealed Carry License Applications have been approved. ISP planned to print as many licenses as they could on Friday to get them in the mail. Citizens could have the license in-hand today.

As a governmental body, are you prepared for concealed carry?

  1. Have you identified all government buildings and properties?
  2. Have you obtained and posted the State-approved “No Guns Allowed” signs?
  3. Have you revised your employee handbook or policies to address whether an employee can or cannot carry a concealed firearm?
  4. Have you developed a policy and training for your first responders to deal with armed citizens?
  5. If you have a local law enforcement agency, has it developed a policy for the monitoring of applications into the State database and determined, if appropriate, when objections will be filed?
  6. Have you reviewed your local codes and ordinances for regulations contrary to the state law?
  7. Have you reviewed your local code and permits for special events held on public properties?
  8. Have you consulted your insurance carrier on exemptions or required endorsements for your liability coverage?

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