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House Bill 5999 Would Repeal Motor Fuel Tax Law

February 21, 2014

On February 14, 2014, Representative Brad E. Halbrook (R-Charleston) introduced House Bill 5999. The bill repeals the Motor Fuel Tax Law (35 ILCS 505). The bill had its first reading on February 18, 2014 and was referred to the Rules Committee the same day. Our sources indicate this bill, in its current form, is likely to stay in Committee for the foreseeable future. The deadline for this bill to move out of committee is March 28, 2014.

For several years the costs of MFT projects have increased while funding has dwindled. House Bill 5999 is extreme by proposing the repeal of the entire MFT law, but it may be the catalyst for a larger discussion on effective changes to the MFT law.

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