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Keyt and Vayr Will Present to Illinois Association of County Board Members (IACBM)

January 13, 2023

Heyl Royster attorneys Andy Keyt and Bryan Vayr present "The New Standard In Developing Today's Government Leaders" at the Illinois Association of County Board Members (IACBM), January 13th Professional Leadership Training session. The team from Heyl Royster will focus discussions on OMA and FOIA. All member county government officials and county administrators are welcome to attend the Springfield, IL event. Details at: https://ilcounty.org/events/newly-elected-officials-training.

IACBM regularly provides professional leadership training sessions to county government officials and county administrators. These core topics help educate first-time elected officials and seasoned officials on the basic functions they need to know in their roles as public leaders. 

As a shareholder and chair of the Governmental Practice Group, Andy Keyt's primary focus is advising governmental entities and private businesses in their legal framework. He often advises counties concerning land use and zoning matters, particularly proposed utility-scale renewable energy projects, in all aspects of governmental litigation, contracting and procurement, employment, corporate governance, and sunshine laws. 

Bryan Vayr focuses his practice on civil litigation, with an emphasis on complex civil rights, governmental defense, and employment matters. Much of his practice entails defending government, law enforcement, educational institutions, and businesses in cases alleging civil rights violations in state and federal courts. From multibillion-dollar organizations and large state entities to small businesses or cities with only a handful of employees, Bryan has represented clients on various topics, including personnel decision-making and policies, wage payment issues, law enforcement practices, election conduct, complying with "sunshine" laws, and infrastructure issues. 

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