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2013 Claims Handling Seminar

Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen, P.C.
28th Annual Claims Handling Seminar

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"Stay One Step Ahead"

Casualty & Property and Workers' Compensation Sessions

May 22, 2013 - Bloomington, Illinois

Casualty & Property Materials 

  • Effective Claims Practices: Overcoming Hurdles to the Use of Social Media 
  • Insurance Coverage Update 
  • Premises Liability Update 
  • Medicare Set-Asides and Conditional Payments Update 
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Update 
  • Corporate Liability for Criminal Acts of Third Parties 
  • The Impact of Day In the Life Videos in Catastrophic Injury Cases 
  • What's on the Horizon? Cases Pending in the Illinois Supreme Court 
  • Recent Developments in Spoliation of Evidence Law 
  • Tort Law Update 

Workers' Compensation Materials

  • Symposium on Taking Advantage of AMA Ratings
    • Evaluating Impairment Using AMA Guides
    • Reducing Permanency Exposure Using AMA Ratings 
    • Appeal Me! Meaningful Change Will Require Appellate Review 
    • So Far So Good -- AMA Decisions and Pro Se Contract Results 
  • Business Perspective on Workers' Compensation Reform -- How Did We Get Here and Where We Would Like To Go 
  • 2011 Amendments -- A View From The Trenches 
  • Making Candid Camera Work: You Have The Goods on The Petitioner, How Do We Get It Into Evidence? 
  • I Want a Divorce! Can I Obtain a Resignation When the Work Comp Case is Settled 
  • What Now?: Case Law Update 

The cases and materials presented here are in summary and outline form. To be certain of their applicability and use for specific claims, we recommend the entire opinions and statutes be read and counsel consulted.

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