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2015 Claims Handling Seminar

Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen, P.C.
30th Annual Claims Handling Seminar

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"Forge Ahead: New Strategies for New Challenges"

Casualty & Property, Workers' Compensation, and Governmental Sessions

May 28, 2015 - Bloomington, Illinois

Casualty & Property Materials 

  • Recent Developments in Insurance Coverage
  • Liability for Distracted Driving
  • Legislative Update: The Impact of a Six-Person Jury
  • Evidentiary Issues for the Claims Professional
  • Recent Developments in Property Insurance
  • I Want to Appeal Now! A Primer on Interlocutory Appeals
  • Medicare Set-Asides and Conditional Payments Update
  • Medical Marijuana: Legal Update and Property Insurance Coverage Considerations
  • What You Need to Know About Nursing Home Care Liability
  • Recent Developments in Premises Liability
  • There's Been an Accident, Now What? Tips for a Successful Accident Investigation
  • 21st Century Liability Issues: Drones, Cyber Liability, and Privacy Issues
  • Recent Developments in Tort Law

Workers' Compensation Materials

  • News from your Receptionist: "OSHA is Holding on Line 1" - How to Handle the Call Focusing on New OSHA Guidelines
  • A Year in Review: The Most Significant Workers' Compensation Appellate Decisions of 2014 and Early 2015
  • Medical Marijuana: A Cloud of Uncertainty Over Employers
  • Infectious Diseases: There's Something Going Around
  • Undocumented Workers: Benefits Without Borders
  • Employee Victims of Workplace Violence: New Perspectives on Exposure and Defenses 
  • "This Just In: AMA is Doing Its Job" - An Update on the Job It's Doing 
  • Closing Medical Rights: The New Frontier of Medicare Set-Asides and Assignments of Medical Rights with Today's Defense Strategies 

Governmental Materials

  • Liability to Volunteers Under the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • DNA and Exoneration: Case Study in Handling Evidence 
  • Malicious Prosecution Claims: Recent Developments as to When Coverage is Triggered 
  • Illinois Tort Immunity Case Law Update 
  • Termination of Public Employees/Due Process Requirements 
  • Body Cameras: All That Is Seen & Unseen
  • Cyber Liability for the Public Body
  • Concealed Carry: Illinois Law in Review 
  • Appellate Considerations for Governmental Clients - What You Need to Know About the Appeals Process, Appellate Options, and Evaluating Your Case for Appeal 
  • Budgetary Shortfalls: Liability for Diminished Services 

The cases and materials presented here are in summary and outline form. To be certain of their applicability and use for specific claims, we recommend the entire opinions and statutes be read and counsel consulted.

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