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2016 Claims Handling Seminar

Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen, P.C.
31st Annual Claims Handling Seminar

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"Think Outside the Box"

Casualty & Property, Workers' Compensation, and Governmental Sessions

May 19, 2016 - Bloomington, Illinois
June 16, 2016 - Naperville, Illinois

Casualty & Property Materials

  • When Social Media Becomes Socially Awkward 
  • The Trouble with Impairment in a Medical Cannabis State 
  • Unboxing Case Law: An Insurance Law Update
  • Working Through Not-So-Common Coverage Issues
  • Medicare Advantage Plans and Thorny Medicare Issues
  • I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me: An Eye on the Inside of Nursing Homes
  • Emerging Issues in Allocation of Fault and Contribution
  • What's On The Horizon: Cases Pending In The Illinois Supreme Court
  • Believe Me, It Wasn't Me (Examinations Under Oath)
  • High Impact Defense of Low Impact Accidents 
  • Can The Affordable Care Act Make Future Medical Care In Litigation More Affordable? 
  • New Cases, New Issues? 

Workers' Compensation Materials

  • Case Law Update: The Most Significant Workers' Compensation Decisions
  • of 2015 and Early 2016
  • WC Claims Handling Liability: What They Do When They Do Not Have a Case
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations As Evidence of Disability In Workers' Compensation Claims
  • Legislative Update and News from the Commission
  • Temporary Transitional Employment
  • Medicare Advantage Plans and Thorny Medicare Issues

Governmental Materials

  • Discipline and Termination of Public Employees: Due Process Requirements
  • Review of Significant Appellate Decisions of the Past Eighteen Months
  • WC Claims Handling Liability, Including Legal Holds & Spoliation
  • Update On First Amendment Cases and Their Impact On Local Government Ordinances
  • Body Worn Cameras and the Future of Excessive Force Litigation
  • A Primer On Medical Cannabis and Public Employers
  • Lakes and Other Bodies of Water In Parks: Special Liability Concerns
  • Public Duty Rule Panel/Tort Immunity 

The cases and materials presented here are in summary and outline form. To be certain of their applicability and use for specific claims, we recommend the entire opinions and statutes be read and counsel consulted

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