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2018 Claims Handling Seminar

Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen, P.C.
33rd Annual Claims Handling Seminar

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"Lighting the Way"

Casualty & Property, Workers' Compensation, Governmental and Professional Liability Sessions

May 3, 2018 - Itasca, Illinois   
May 10, 2018 - Bloomington/Normal, Illinois

Casualty & Property Materials

  • Something Shiny and Bright – A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words: The Use of Technology at Trial
  • Shining a Light on Investigation of New Claims and Preservation of Evidence/Evidentiary Issues for the Claims Adjuster
  • Now That’s Illuminating! Discoverability of Pre-Suit Investigation and Surveillance
  • Out of the Shadows: E-Discovery, Social Media and Cybersecurity
  • Lighting Up the Verdict Form – Overview of Currently Available Damages in Illinois
  • Darkness Falls: Exposure to Extracontractual Liability
  • Throwin’ Shade: How to Reptile the Reptile – Countering Reptile Tactics
  • The New Dawn: Recent Case Updates

Workers' Compensation Materials

  • Accident Caused by Risks Resulting from Everyday Activities: Moving Toward a New Standard? A Panel Discussion
  • Effective Defenses of Medical Causation Claims
  • Spotlight on Sexual Harassment Claims: Defense Strategies in the Era of the #MeToo Movement
  • Combating the Opioid Crisis in the State of Illinois
  • Case Law Update
  • Utilization Review and Medical Payment Defenses
  • Cybersecurity / HIPAA / E-Filing

Governmental Materials

  • Sexual Harassment Update for Public Employers
  • Tort Immunity & Civil Rights Update
  • Litigation in the Context of OMA and FOIA
  • Responding to a Potential Data Breach in an Illinois Governmental Entity – First Steps
  • Preserving Evidence: The Local Government Perspective

Professional Liability Materials

  • A Quick Guide to Millennials as Jurors
  • Preparing the Witness to Testify & Countering Reptile Tactics
  • EMRs and Audit Trails – Friend or Foe?
  • Update on Agency Theory in Medical Malpractice
  • Overcoming the Sticker Price: The Reasonable Value Damage Rebuttal Theory
  • A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: The Use of Technology at Trial
  • Techniques to Reduce Finger-Pointing and Standstill Agreements
  • Medical Studies Act & Patient Safety Organizations
  • Getting into the Jury’s Head: An Introduction to Focus Groups and Mock Trials

The cases and materials presented here are in summary and outline form. To be certain of their applicability and use for specific claims, we recommend the entire opinions and statutes be read and counsel consulted.

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