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july 1, 2015

Brad Elward served as co-editor-in-chief of the Illinois Institute for Continuing Education (IICLE) volume, Civil Appeals (Illinois): State and Federal 2015, which was re-written this past year. The editorial work involved determining the scope of topics, coordinating authors, and editing all submissions for the volume. Elward also authored chapters for the publication on Interlocutory Appeals of Certified Questions (Ch. 14), Workers' Compensation Appeals (Ch. 16), Motion Practice (Ch. 21), Direct Appeals to the Illinois Supreme Court (Ch. 28), and Motions for Supervisory Orders and Mandamus (Ch. 28). He co-authored the chapters on Preserving Error For Appeal (Ch. 2) with Stacy Crabtree, Appeal Bonds and Stays of Judgment (Ch. 9) with Brian Smith, and Interlocutory Appeals Of Certain Orders (Ch. 12), with Emily Galligan. Craig Unrath, chair of the firms' Appellate Advocacy Practice, authored the chapter on Final Judgments (Ch. 3), and Natalie Thompson authored the chapters on Sanctions (Ch. 33) and Costs (Ch. 34).

The Civil Appeals volume is one of the leading publications on conducting an appellate practice before Illinois reviewing courts. View Table of Contents.

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