Heyl Royster

Review of New Illinois Laws: Health & Safety

march 4, 2015

Medical Record Disclosure and Confidentiality. The provisions of several acts on confidentiality and disclosure of medical information are made uniform, and some federal regulations on medical information privacy are adopted. Use of health information exchanges is encouraged. A patient can opt out of disclosure of information to a health information exchange. HIV testing results except testing of sex offenders as required by the Unified Code of Corrections are exempted from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act and in judicial or administrative actions. Accident and health insurers may not use protected genetic health information in underwriting (H.B. 5925, Feigenholtz-Gabel—Hunter-Steans-Trotter). P.A. 98-1046

Medical Marijuana. Seizures, including those from epilepsy, are added as "debilitating medical conditions" for medical cannabis use. A person under 18 with seizures may get a medical marijuana registry identification card. IDPH by rule, can allow other minors to be registered qualifying patients with parental or guardian consent. Registered minor patients may not use forms of cannabis other than products infused with medical cannabis or buy usable cannabis (S.B. 2636, Martinez-Kotorski-Delgado-Koehler-Silverstein et al.—Lang-Durkin-Gabel-Leitch-Feigenholtz et al.) P.A. 98-775

911 Calls. Any telephone system installed after July 1, 2015 for a business must allow callers to dial "911" without first entering another number, such as 9 (S.B. 3313, Bertino-Tarrant-Collins-E. Jones-Murphy-Munoz et al.—Manley-Cabello-Acevedo-Brown-Costello et al.) P.A. 98-875

Occupational Safety and Health. An Occupational Safety and Health Act for public employers will be administered by the Department of Labor and replaces two existing acts. The Department will adopt standards for employee safety and health, and may issue citations for violations. The new Act also provides for administrative and judicial review, civil and criminal penalties, and trade secret confidentiality (S.B. 1103, T. Cullerton-Sandoval—Andrade). P.A. 98-874

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