Heyl Royster

Review of New Illinois Laws: State Government

march 4, 2015

Freedom of Information Act Abuse. If a single requester asks for more than five categories of records within 20 business days, or for two or more records that together exceed 500 pages, the public body receiving the request is to notify the requester that it considers it a "voluminous" request and invite the requester to narrow it. If the requester does not do so, the public body must fulfill the request but can charge any fees that it has authority to charge under the Act. A public body does not need to send a requester a copy of a document that it posts online, unless the requester asserts inability to get online access to it (H.B. 3796, Currie-E. Sullivan-Rita— Hasrings-Althoff-McGuire et al.) P.A. 98-1129 (Vetoed by Governor Quinn. Override by both houses 12/3/2014).

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