Heyl Royster

Review of New Illinois Laws: Transportation

march 4, 2015

Speed Limits increased from 55 to 60 m.p.h. for heavy trucks and buses on Interstate highways in Cook County and the collar counties (S.B. 930, Sandoval-Oberweis—Moylan-DeLuca et al.), and to 70 m.p.h. for other vehicles on Interstate toll highways in urban districts (S.B. 2015, Oberweis-McConnaughay-Landek-Sandoval-N. Harris et al. — Costello-Davidsmeyer-Fortner). P.A. 98-1128 (Both vetoed by Governor Quinn. Override by both houses 12/3/14).

Truck Weight Limits. Powered by gases. Vehicles powered by natural or propane gas may exceed statutory weight limits by 2,000 pounds, except on Interstate highways and where specific weight limits are posted (S.B. 3574, Sandoval-T. Cullerton—Mayfield-D. Burke-DeLuca). P.A. 98-1029

Vehicle Registration. A vehicle may be operated for up to 30 days after its license plate sticker expires if the driver has a printed receipt showing renewal payment to the Secretary of State (S.B. 2802, Van Pelt-McConnaughay—Turner-Smith). P.A. 98-1103

Without Titling. If a person seeks to register a vehicle with no certificate of title, the Secretary of State can issue a temporary, non-transferable provisional certificate lasting 3 years. If someone else claims ownership, the holder of the provisional certificate must post a bond for 1.5 times the Secretary's estimate of vehicle value. A driver of an "autocycle" (a car with three wheels) must have a regular driver's license and the autocycle must have special 4 x 7-inch plates (S.B. 3130, Harmon-Sandoval—Lilly). P.A. 98-777

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