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february 26, 2015

By: Matthew S. Hefflefinger

I want to personally welcome you to the Heyl Royster Trucking Newsletter. Our newsletter has attempted to focus on the importance of venue to any trucking case. We have included articles addressing the importance of evaluating your company's website, issues pertinent to venue considerations and the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court's recent decisions affecting personal jurisdiction. We have also included a short summary associated with a rather fascinating 2013 Illinois case involving the unavoidable collision doctrine.

It is our hope that the information provided will be helpful to you as you continue to navigate through the many difficult issues we all face in making various decisions associated with trucking litigation. Plaintiff lawyers are always trying to find some angle, and it is imperative that we work together to defeat and/or limit any competitive edge with proper planning immediately after an accident.

One other item to note is that effective June 1, 2015 all jury cases in Illinois will be tried before a six person jury. This is a substantial change in the law, and there are a variety of viewpoints associated with how this change may impact litigation. We welcome any questions associated with the impact of the six person jury in Illinois, as well as any issues pertinent to advancing the interests of your trucking case. We are a Midwest law firm with six offices throughout the state of Illinois, and we have emergency response teams available to meet your needs in each of our offices.

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