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January: The Year In Review – 2015

February: Retaliatory Discharge Lawsuits Filed By Injured Workers


January:  Bob Red Remodeling, Inc. v. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Comm’n

March: When Does a Traveling Employee Actually Begin to "Travel?"; Social Security Administration Proposes Mandatory Reporting of Benefits

April: Appellate Court Holds Wage Differential Must Be Explicitly Waived or Else Claimant Eligible

June: New Appellate Court Ruling on Entitlement to Permanency Where the Claimant Dies Before Arbitration

September: Practice Pointer – Injuries to Multiple Body Parts

October: The Rise of Temporary Transitional Employment (TTE)

November: Identifying and Satisfying Conditional Payments by Medicare Advantage Plans; Social Security Administration Proposes Mandatory Reporting of Workers' Compensation Benefits; Are Petitioners Required to Submit AMA Impairment Rating Reports Into Evidence?


January: New Legislation on the Horizon?; Final Appellate Court Tally; Recent Stairs Case – Village Of Villa Park

February: When a Claimant's Work Place is His Home; Limiting Exposure for Injuries to Telecommuting Employees

April: Vocational Rehabilitation in Illinois

May: Recent Decision Update – Arising Out Of: Brais v. Workers' Compensation Comm'n

June: Senate Bill 3287 Signed into Law

July: Medical Marijuana Leaving A Cloud Of Uncertainty Over Employers

September: The Sunny Hill Decision and the Evolution of the TTD Test

October: Appellate Court Solidifies Interstate Scaffolding's Application To Discharged Employees

December: Benefits and Undocumented/Illegal Workers


February: A Disturbing Trend In Recent WC Appellate Decisions

April: Appellate Practice Update

July: "Arising Out Of" Cases

August: Applying Mailbox Rule to Judicial Filings, Traveling Employer Rulings, and Commission News

October: Workers' Compensation Updates - The Word on the Street

November: What To Do When The Claimant Will Not Comply With A Course Of Medical Care; Practice Pointer - Section 12 IMEs

December: Supreme Court Puts Brakes On Traveling Employee Doctrine Expansion


February: AMA Guidelines

March: Open Settlement Contracts

April: Third Party Issues

June: The Defense of Stress Claims

August: Pro Se Settlement Contracts

September: AMA Guidelines Update

November: Workers' Compensation Fraud

December: Voluntary Recreational Activities: What Employers Need To Know


January: TTD Liability and Mass Layoffs

February: Carpal Tunnel Claims & Repetitive Trauma

March: Recent Commission News; Recent Cases - Increased Risk; Collateral Source

April: Post Arbitration Issues - Section 8(a), 8(f), 19(h)

June: Recent Cases - Falls; Multiple body part Injuries; Referrals; AWW; Section 8(j) Credits; Liens; Economic Lay-offs

July: Workers' Compensation Fraud in Your Claim

September: Utilization Reviews

October: Commission News; Arbitration Realignment; Interstate Scaffolding Redux

November: Amended Section 8.2 - Accidents

December: Reviewing Workers' Compensation Claims


January: Slip and Fall Cases

March:  Interstate Scaffolding

April: Refusal to Cooperate or Undergo Medical Procedures

May: Repetitive Trauma Claims

June: Penalties and Attorneys' Fees

July: Recent Workers' Compensation Statistics

September: Section 8(d)(1) Wage Differentials

October: Workers' Compensation Fraud Since 2005; Medicare Liens; Recent Cases - Employee

November: SCHIP Reporting; AWW Calculations

December: Appeal Bonds


January: Practice Pointers & TTD Benefits

March: Appellate Practice

April: Social Security Disability and Workers' Compensation Claims

May: Settlement Contracts

June: Employment Law Issues

July: Medicare Set Asides

August: Recent Cases - PPD/PTD for Same Accident; Arising Out Of

October: Personal Comfort Doctrine

November: Rehabilitation and Maintenance Awards

December: Intoxication Defense

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