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Heyl Royster Transitions Toxic Asbestos Practice Leadership to Meet the Future

Posted on April 23, 2021 at 9:00 AM by Jennifer Johnson, Kent Plotner, Tobin Taylor, Michael Schag

Heyl Royster has done it all in the defense of toxic tort lawsuits – Asbestos, Benzene, Diacetyl/Popcorn Lung, Silica, Manganese/Welding Rods, Vinyl Chloride, Environmental and Occupational Toxins. You name it, we’ve defended it. The firm’s most distinguished lawyers, like Kent Plotner and Chris Larson, have been expertly shielding companies and their insurers from onslaught and expense for decades since the advent of mass lawsuits in the nation’s most consistently troubled jurisdictions in Illinois (Cook County, Madison County, McLean County, St. Clair County) and Missouri (City of St. Louis). Now, with the benefit of their continued guidance and experience, Heyl Royster proudly announces its ability to bring fresh insight and innovative solutions through its newly appointed practice Co-Chairs. Jennifer Johnson won the very first courtroom victories on personal jurisdiction spearheading a legal movement that has altered the jurisdictional landscape across the country. Tobin Taylor has led the way on problems of scale having successfully engineered and executed survival plans on the most massive dockets you will find anywhere. While offering the insight of a former judge, Mike Schag has innovated strategies on pleadings, motions, negotiation and trial work up that have been emulated by collaborators and competitors on a nationwide scale. Heyl Royster is your tested solution for Toxic Tort and Asbestos Defense!

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