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Heyl Royster Team Prevails Again in St. Louis County

Posted on September 13, 2023 at 9:30 AM by Christopher Drinkwine, Michael Schag, Mollie Bowman

In recent times, the law in Missouri regarding the availability of punitive damages has undergone some changes, specifically with the application of Mo. Rev. Stat. § 510.261. The Heyl Royster team has now twice prevailed on a motion in St. Louis County trial court by shielding a company defendant from punitive damages in the context of asbestos litigation. First, Mike Schag successfully presented the opposition, arguing that the Missouri legislature intends those instances where punitive damages are available to be rare. The company client was in compliance with then-existing regulations and otherwise did not engage in any conduct suggesting that punitive damages should be available, even if the case goes to trial. Mollie Bowman’s motion drafting contribution was a key element of their success. The plaintiff then asked the court to reconsider its ruling that denied punitive damages. This time, Heyl brought in appellate practice co-chair Chris Drinkwine to augment briefing and present another opposition to the court. Again, the Heyl team prevailed.
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