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Monfort and Benfield Secure Trial Victory

Posted on January 18, 2024 at 2:00 PM by Mark Benfield, Renee Monfort

Renee Monfort and Mark Benfield recently secured a trial victory on behalf of an interventional radiology group. The case involved allegations of negligence against numerous healthcare providers; generally, the plaintiff alleged failure to monitor the patient post-biopsy and failure to perform interventions to address signs of hemodynamic instability. The plaintiff further alleged these failures caused the patient’s death. On the eleventh day of a jury trial in Peoria County, Renee and Mark obtained a directed verdict based on trial testimony elicited from the plaintiff’s retained expert. A multimillion-dollar verdict was entered against the remaining codefendants the following day.

Renee and Mark bookended 2023 with defense verdicts on behalf of healthcare providers. Read more about our recent results here.

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